Conquering UI Design [eBook]

Ruben Cespedes
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Do you know why some designs suck?

It's because the basics of design principles are often ignored.

Some designers don't practice the fundamentals of design and in doing so they make terrible decisions and therefore they create bad designs.

This awesome ebook will teach you the top principles and elements of design so you don't make designs that suck.

📦 What's inside the book?

🎁 3 amazing bonuses included for free:

🔥  My top 10 Font Pairing

🔥  10 Awesome Color Combinations

🔥  What that F*ck is UX Design? eBook. (Over 7,000+ downloads)

This eBook is for you, if:

➡️  You want to become a better designer;

➡️  You want to level up your design skills;

➡️  You want to learn how to make better design decisions;

➡️  You need to practice design fundamentals;

➡️  You want to improve your design projects;

➡️  You want to gain confidence as a designer;

➡️  You desire to get paid more for your work;

➡️  You want to start your design career the right way.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions:

💎 I'm starting now as a graphic designer, UI Designer. Will this ebook help me?
Yes! This book will help you understand design principles and design elements that you need to consider when designing any project. This ebook will help you develop the design skills you need to become a better designer.

💎 How is this design eBook different from other ebooks?
This ebook is my personal project. I poured my 16 years of design experience to guide you and help you level up your design skills. This ebook has so much value that I wished I had a book like this back when I first started my design career.

💎 I'm a UX Designer, will this ebook help me too?
Of course! One of things that makes a great UX Designer is to understand design in general, sometimes some UX Designers don't understand why an aesthetic design decision was made, so this book will help you understand and practice good design.

💎 Can I get it for free?
No. I spent innumerable hours working on this amazing ebook; from writing, designing, and outsourcing editors to help me shape this masterpiece. There is a lot of effort and work put into this ebook, I can't just give it for free.

💎 Why should I trust you?
Because I have over 16 years of experience in the design field and I've made all kinds of mistakes throughout my journey when it comes to design projects. And because I learned from those mistakes I created this book so you don't make them. Yes, you will make new mistakes but that's part of growth. Also I've worked with big companies like Pfizer, Showtime, Volvo Trucks, Crayola, Bic, and currently working at Dell Technologies. I've designed projects going from a simple landing page, to websites, to mobile apps to software development. Trust me, I've been where you are now, I just want to make your design journey easier.

💎 Why should I buy this ebook?
Simple! You need to invest in yourself. This book is full with valuable content that will definitely help you level up your design skills and get the confidence you need to be a competitive designer in this field.

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Great designers are not born, they are made. You can do this!

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Conquering UI Design [eBook]

18 ratings
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